More Games… at Adrenalin Paintball Mackay

Our paintball and skirmish games are simply great fun to play.  Calling on years of experience we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.  Some games involve stealth and cunning.  Others are a pure adrenalin rush.  Some are fast, short and sharp. Others are longer and more strategic.

We structure our games to suit your group.  You can choose the games you wish to play from our great repertoire.  Depending on your occasion and the number of players the games and scenarios that you will play will vary.  We’ve custom-designed games for work social groups, school groups, bucks parties and church groups. Some paintball games we play such as Capture the Flag are standard games played all around the world whereas others are home grown renditions that we’ve designed ourselves.

Game we play include:

  • Medic
  • Intel
  • Attack and Defend
  • Sniper Elite
  • Paratrooper Rescue
  • Speedball
  • Centre Flag Retrieve

Here is a snapshot of just some of the games we play at our fields in Mackay.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is played on paintball fields all over the world.  The group breaks into two teams. One team starts at one base  and the other team at the other base. The Captain of each team places a flag in the centre of their base station. The Ref nominates how many lives each player has. The objective is to capture the opponent’s team’s flag and get it back to your base. The team that achieves this first is the winner.


Each player is given three armbands of any colour. On the whistle the ambush team makes their way to the field and sets up their ambush stations. After two minutes the recon team makes their way to the field and searches out the enemy. The aim of this paintball game is the get as many scalps as possible. Each time you tag an opponent you take one of their armbands.