More Fields… at Adrenalin Paintball Mackay

At Adrenaline Paintball Mackay we’ve got natural bush fields, custom built battlefields and a mix of both.  Field design is part of our philosophy of getting the formula right. Hence we’ve paid particular attention to the the layout and the theme of each field.

The size of the field and the type of terrain determine the structure of the games and scenarios that we play. On all fields barricades are at least 15 metres apart to minimize the chance of close- range shooting occurring.

The Fortress

Players love the Fortress. This simple two story structure is designed to enable a range of games that use flags and other props that are placed around the perimeter of the fort. The Fortress comfortably holds 10 players, typically 5 on the top floor and 5 on the ground floor. Surrounding the Fortress in a circle is a mix of natural bush and custom-built barricades.

Speedball Mark I

The Mark I Speedball field is made up of 40 barricades covering an area of 210 square metres. The field is 70 metres long and 30 metres wide. Barricades are all 15 metres or more apart.  The field is designed to play a range of fast-paced, adrenalin-charged games.  These include:

  • Speedball
  • Centre Flag Charge
  • Last Man Standing
  • Cross Over
  • Zig Zag