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Paintball Dog Tags Make for Less Hang Time and More Play Time

Get on the Paintball Field Fast!

Adrenalin Paintball this week rolled out our new field paintball system.  The upshot – players can get on the battlefield much faster.   When 30 odd players arrive at the Adrenalin Paintball Mackay, Queensland Marshalling Area in short succession there can be bit of waiting around while individuals complete the players waiver form, select their package and make payment.  We call this “hang time”; that time whilst you are itching to get on with it and have fun!  Riley, one of our great senior refs, came up with a dog tag payment system that’s going to get our players on the fields and playing our exciting range of paintball games in no time.


Instead of having every player pay at the beginning of the session they are now issued with a dog tag that looks like this.   You hang it around your neck. The referee punches a hole out of the relevant square on the card whenever you make a purchase.   Players can then pay at any time, either during a break between games or at the end of the day.   So paintball players in Mackay can spend less time “hanging around” and more time on our great range of battlefields playing our exciting repertoire of games and paintball scenarios.

On the back of the dog tag you are reminded of our latest bonus offer.   When your with us for a game next ask one of our referees for the run-down.

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Urban Assault Paintball Field Coming Soon to Mackay

New Paintball field Packed full of Fun

Our new “Urban Assault” field will soon be open for recreational paintball players in Mackay to enjoy.   The field features a burned out bus and 18 car bodies courtesy of Mackay Auto Repair and Towing Service. Thanks guys for donating the props.   The field will be about 60m x 45m and be set out the sketch below.   It’s going to have a “cops and robbers” theme.  We’re in the process of designing the games that will be played.  Before we open a new field and role out the games that we will play, there’s some test driving to do.   Normally our refs and our club players are the crash test dummies.  We do this to find out how the field plays and whether the game designs work well.  If needed we modify the layout of the field and adjust the game rules or objectives so that it it is safe and great fun for Mackay recreational paintball players.


Below is the Bus.  We will be replacing the glass windows with wooded panels that have peep holes and shooting slots.   We’re even thinking of building a gun turret coming out of the roof.


If you stumble across this post and have any ideas we’re all ears.  Get in contact with via the Adrenalin Paintball Mackay contact form is best.

Urban Assault Paintball Field Coming Soon to Mackay2020-01-10T16:38:37+10:00