Player Information for your Game of Paintball

If you’ve arrived at this page you have either booked a game of paintball or you have been invited to play.

This page covers the basic information you need to know including:

  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Public Session Times
  • Private Booking
  • Game Duration
  • When to Arrive
  • How to Pay
  • What to Bring
  • BBQ and BYO
  • What if it is raining
  • General Rules regarding Alcohol Consumption
  • Deposit
  • Other Tips for organizing game


Our playing fields are located at the eastern end of Boundary Road.   Head towards the Mackay Airport.  Go directly past the Mackay airport entrance for about 500m.  The bitumen road turns to dirt and you will see the Adrenalin Paintball sign.  The road veers to the right.  You will come to a gate that is normally closed.  Open the gate and follow the signs for about 2km to get to our playing fields.  You will see the big Adrenalin Paintball sign on the left hand side and our Marshaling Area.   Click here to be take to the Google Map Coordinates.


There are 3 basic packages:

  • Shoot and Run –  $50 – All equipment and 200 paintballs
  • Weekend Warrior – $110 – All equipment and 700 paintballs
  • Get Peppered – $190 – All equipment and 1300 paintballs

The most popular and best value-for-money package by far is our Weekend Warrior Pack which costs $110 per player and includes 700 paintballs.  We find that nearly every player who buys the $50 introductory package with 200 paintballs inevitably run out and wants to buy more paint and are pretty disappointed if they did not budget for this.  If you are on a tight budget you might want to just buy another 100 or 200 balls or try and play conservatively.  I thought I should flag this so that your players can plan their spend and not be disappointed.

A full description of each package can be found at


If you organised the game get  you get rewarded with free paintballs on a sliding scale depending on the number of players that you get.

A full description of the organizers bonus can also  can be found at

If you are someone else in the group is having a birthday or some other special occasion they get 200 paintballs free, valued at $38.   Note, we only give this bonus to 1 person per group.  If there is more than 1 person celebrating a special occasion in your group than the paintball bonuses are spit between them.

Public Session Times

Sessions are normally on weekends at 9am and 2pm on both Saturday and Sundays.  A session normally goes for about 3 hours.  Please note, we only hold sessions when we have bookings.  So it is essential that you book and do not just show up at the fields.


Private Booking

You can also have a private booking.  Here, your group will play their own games on separate fields and have their own dedicated senior referee.   Please note that for a private booking there is a $150 surcharge to cover the costs of an additional senior applies and a minimum of 10 players is required.

Game Duration

Normally a session goes for 3 hours from the time you arrive to the time you leave.  Over this period we normally play 4-5 games.

When to Arrive

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session.   Note it takes about 5 minutes to drive from the front gate on Boundary Road to our playing fields.

How to Pay

You can pay by cash or EFTPOS

What to Wear and Bring

It is mandatory that you wear closed-in footwear.  We suggest either Joggers or work boots.  Normal clothes must be worn under the Camo Overalls that you will issued.   We recommend that you bring a spare set of clothing especially if you are planning something afterwards.

What if it’s Raining

If it is light drizzle it is fine to play paintball.  If however there are heavy showers, we may need to postpone or cancel the game.  The referee will normally inform the organizer 1 hour before the game is scheduled to commence if there is a need to cancel or postpone the booking.


We have BBQ facilities and you are also quite welcome to bring drinks for after the game.

General Rules

Please note the following:

  • By law in Queensland, all players must be 15 years and over to play paintball. Please bring proof of age.
  • Intoxicated person will not be allowed to play. By law, in QLD drinking of alcohol prior to a game or during breaks is strictly prohibited.  Persons suspected of being intoxicated will be asked perform a breathalyser test.   You are quite welcome to bring drinks for after the final game. We also highly recommend that you do not drink the night before.  You will have a much better time when you are fully fit!
  • All players must wear closed in footwear. We issue you will all safety equipment including full facemask, full camo overalls, gloves and body armour.
  • We supply free chilled water and also sell drinks.
  • We have BBQ facilities and you are quite welcome to have a BYO BBQ and bring own food and drinks.

What to Bring

We issue all players with full camouflage overalls and protective equipment.  We suggest that you wear normal loose fitting clothing under your overalls.   Closed in footwear is mandatory.  You might want to bring a change of clothing and a water bottle.


We can also take photos of your game if you request.  We provide these free in hi-res to anyone who wants them.  Please visit our Photo Gallery at

Deposit to Secure Booking

The pricing schedule also explains our deposit system and what you need to do to secure your booking.  To enable us to reserve places for you we require a deposit of $10 per player.  This will be refunded in full on the day of play.  We need to receive the deposit via direct deposit, EFTPOS over the phone or in cash at least two days prior to your game.

Our bank account details are as follows:

Bank |Suncorp

Account Name |Adrenalin Paintball and Laser

BSB|484-799 Account |049 202 455

Please state in the Reference Field “Your Name”

I would appreciate if you could email or text me once you have done this.

Other Stuff

How some social clubs work that I have had down in the past is that they pay a certain amount and then if the players want to spend more or upgrade to a higher pack they pay for this themselves.

If you are considering paying for kids in the birthday group what parents often do is pay for the introductory package ($50 and 200 paintballs) and let them know if they want to buy more paint or upgrade then that is there expense.