March Super Special

Book a game of paintball for March for 10 or more players and you the organizer receives the Weekend Warrior Pack totally FREE!.  That’s 700 paintballs, a 3 hours session and $110 worth of value totally FREE!.  So rally your mates and get paintballing.  Contact us NOW! on 0419 623 207

How Many Paintballs

You’ve found your way here because you had a go at guessing the number of paintballs at the Adrenalin Paintball Mackay Stand at Canelands recently.  So how did you go?

We sent you your guess in the SMS you just received.

The actual number of paintballs in the container was 1067.

First, here are some interesting results:

  • 294 people had a guess.
  • The average of the guesses was 1076.  Not bad.
  • The highest guess was 6261. Way off.
  • The lowest was 100.  After this guess I started giving the hint that it was between 500 and 1500 paintballs.
  • 187 or 64% overestimated the number of paintballs.
  • 107 or 37% underestimated the number of paintballs.
  • The most popular number guessed was 1000.  15 people (5%) guessed this. Not bad.
  • The winning guess was 1064 paintballs.  Just 3 balls off.

Winner of the Weekend Warrior Pack

The winner of the Weekend Warrior Package valued at $110 is:

Thelma Gospe

Congratulations Thelma.  Have a great day paintballing at Adrenalin.

Other Winners

Those who guessed within 50 paintballs of the correct number deserve a prize also.  Congratulations to those listed below.  You win receive our Shoot n Run Pack valued at $50.  However you must use this voucher by 30th March AND must bring along at least 2 friends.

See the March Special above.  If you get 10 or more players you are eligible for the March Special.  In this case you, the organiser, get the Weekend Warrior Package FREE and we will convert your Shoot n Run pack to 300 free paintballs.  So you get a total of 1000 paintballs! Confused?  Contact us and we will explain.

If you are under 15 years of age so are not allowed to play paintball you receive one free pass to Adrenalin Lasertag valued at $35.

  • Ray Carr
  • Conor Martines
  • Megan Dilloni
  • Tenielle Craig
  • Tayna Reid
  • Lula Everit
  • Ethan Philp
  • Samuel Dacoco
  • Alicia King
  • Kaysanne Grace
  • Dylan
  • Jacob Hunger

How to Collect Your Prize

To collect your prize please contact us.

We hope to see you soon for a great day of paintball!